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John King Cole

Picture30He gave it his best shot but lost a courageous battle with cancer and COPD, he never gave up and survived longer and more than most and passed December 26th, 2015.

John King Cole, born Raleigh, N.C. at Camp Lejeune (New River) on December 5, 1943 to John M and Florence E Cole who both preceded him in death.

Went into the Navy on August 1, 1961 serving in France and Monte Carlo while attached to USS SPRINGFIELD (CLG-7).

Married Joyce Lynn Wright Johnston on November 26, 1987 in Las Vegas, NV

He was an avid sports enthusiast, playing basketball and softball most of his life well into his 40’s but still enjoyed all sports.

He was larger than life, he was not a stranger to anyone, everyone knew the “King”.

Loved to travel and gamble, would gamble on anything.

He loved his media room and his big screen TVs and was an avid fan of Western cowboy movies and NASCAR

His cars were his babies and he always kept them showroom clean at all times.  Corvettes were especially his favorites and he took exceptional pride in the many “Vettes” he owned throughout his life.

He loved “His Boys”, (the cats) Frankie, Dante and Jaxson, they brought him much joy.  He will be missed most by Frankie, who was very devoted and protective of John.

Survived by:

His loving wife Joyce Cole, Merritt Island

Son, Steven Cole, Daughter-in-law Tess Cole, grandchildren, Michelle and JR, Chesapeake, VA

Step-son, Brian Johnston, Merritt Island

Grandson, Mark Emr, Port Saint John

No services are planned, please view the memories of John’s life and
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12 Condolences

  • so sorry to hear of your loss you guys have been great neighbors if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask we are right next door. John will be missed we never knew what car he would bring home next

  • John Cole……….the man with more than nine lives. He was a fighter.

    We had the privilege to know John for the last six years. I remember he came to my house to watch a football game one time on my “big screen”. John laughed at my television and the first time I walked into his house it all came clear for me why. He loved that TV room. John always had a story to tell you. A place he had been, a famous person that he knew or met. The crazy part is they were all true. He was the life of the party and always was in a good mood. I will miss our trips to Tampa, our martinis with blue cheese olives and our lunches of fried chicken. One of his favorites and one of the things we shared. John always had this way about him that made you feel like you had been good friends for a life time. I don’t think we ever went anywhere with John and Joyce that he didn’t know somebody. Either the waiter, the owner or the people at another table. I’m sorry that we didn’t meet him sooner but I am forever grateful for the time that we got to spend with him. John was one of a kind. He was John “The King” Cole. You will be missed my friend and I will think if you often.

  • Rest in peace to my good friend Johnny. You will be missed.
    I worked with Johnny for over nine years. I have many good memories of us together. From going to lunch together, him driving me around in his toys (sports cars) even though he never let me drive them, loading many SEAVANS, to him even helping me financially sometimes when I needed it. He was a good man. I wish I had many more friends like Johnny.
    My condolences to Joyce and the family.

    Miguel Figueroa

  • We consider ourselves fortunate to have been considered John Cole’s friend, and he was ours…He loved life, and he lived to tell stories of many adventures. He had a way of making you feel special when you were with him. He spoke his mind, and stood up for what he believed in. He loved his life, his dear wife, family and friends. John the world will miss you! We will see you again one day. Love you, Jack and Linda Maducci

  • I worked with John at Patrick. John had me earn every dollar I every made there. If he disagreed with a given situation he had away of letting you know., right to your face:). Loved seeing his new toys (cars) over the years and listening to his gambling stories which meant it was coffee break time because it was going to take awhile:). My condolences to the family, he will be missed.

  • I’ve had the pleasure of knowing John since November 2003. John only lived minutes away from work but loved arriving between 5:00 – 6:00 am, even though he was required to be there until 7:30 am. He’d say he liked beating the traffic into base. Had to laugh because it couldn’t have been no more than a 10 minute drive to work. He used that early time reading the paper while eating tons of food with some coffee.

    John could put away some food too. He always had a few bags of groceries, mostly sweets like cookies, donuts, and such. It wasn’t uncommon for him to have a co-worker make a run to either the bowling alley, golf club, or burger king for some breakfast or burgers to finish off what groceries he may have already eaten.

    John must have needed all that food to burn through his busy days at work. He loved driving the forklift (always above the speed limits) moving cargo, loading/unloading trucks, but I think his passion was loading the SEAVANS for the vessel going to Antigua & Ascension Islands. If there was cargo to pack, he wasn’t the kind of guy to leave it for another day.

    Personality wise, he was always on the go, high-spirited, easily excited with work, sports, and his gambling. Everyone knew when he had a great weekend over football games or cards. He loved to talk sports.

    John was and will always be remembered as a friend of mine. Although he may finally be out of pain and in a peaceful place, he’ll be missed. Safe Journey John.

    Deepest Sympathy Joyce.

  • Steven, We were sorry to read of your loss. Our deepest condolences. Barb & family

  • Joyce I will miss him so much, He was a special person. Joyce you are so right everyone knew him and when he walked into a room he owned it. I am so glad I called him last Wednesday and talked to him he sounded good.

  • Joyce
    I am so sorry, I know how much John meant to you, you are correct, he was bigger than life. He lived a great life, had just about everything he wanted, and he had you to take care of him, he was a lucky man. Please take comfort knowing you did your best to take care of him and get him every available treatment. We will miss him terribly, he was a gentle giant, he was very kind to me and I appreciate the time I got to spend with you both. I hope you will not be a stranger to us. Scotty is having a particularly hard time with John’s passing, he considered him his best friend. You take care of yourself and please stay in touch.
    Donna Scott

  • John, RIP, you have had a long journey. Deepest sympathy.

  • Dear Aunt Joyce,

    We are so very sorry that you both had to go through all of this pain and suffering, both mentally and physically. It was a long road that you were on. Uncle John bounced back many times to have more precious moments with you and family. Now that he has passed, please try to take comfort in knowing he is no longer in pain or misery. I can picture him in Heaven with a fancy, surround sound theater room enjoying his favorite sports!

    Heather, Shayne and boys

  • You have my very deepest sympathy Joyce & family. So very sorry for your loss. John was a special guy!

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