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Todd Joseph Newby, Sr.

July 28, 1961 – December 5, 2015

Todd Joseph Newby Sr. born in Philadelphia on July 28, 1961 peacefully passed away surrounded by his family on December 5, 2015.

Since there have been so many inquiries regarding services or a memorial to Todd, according to his family’s wishes, here are the arrangements. In September of this year Todd completed an extraordinary 3-day climb to Mt. Washington in NH to raise awareness of cancer and to give hope to all cancer patients. On the anniversary of that climb in September, 2016, we will take his ashes to the summit of Mt. Washington and give him back to nature that he dearly loved. All family and friends who would like to join us will be most welcome. A Celebration of his life will follow.

Any donation in his name, Todd Joseph Newby Sr., made to the non-profit VITAS Inpatient Hospice Unit at 1100 S. Courtenay Parkway, Merritt Island, FL 32952 would be sincerely appreciated. They made Todd’s crossing to his new adventure as beautiful and peaceful as possible. He was treated with tender care and respect and the family was given the utmost consideration on the saddest days of our lives. Thank you to our incredible family and friends who are some of the finest people on earth.

30 Condolences

  • Missing you always brother We’ve been watching many videos lately and will share with the kids. You are never far from out thoughts and of course always in our hearts. Merry Christmas Chub – we miss you terribly and we love you so much! Mom, Lynda, David & Dianne

  • I miss you so much brother. I know that we could go a long while without talking and I can try to fool myself by saying “he’s just off somewhere and he’ll be checking in soon” but I know you won’t be calling. I know I won’t hear your laugh again. I know there will be no more Christmas’s, Birthday’s or Happy New years. I know our hearts are broken that you had to leave us. Some days I just don’t know how to handel the day as there is such a deep emptiness. I will kiss you every night and every morning as I have been doing since you have been gone. the days are not easier and time does not heal the hurt of missing you. I love you Todd!

    • Nothing will ever fill the hole that he left in our hearts but, together, we will ever keep his memory alive. I love you, darling daughter of mine.

      • I love you Mommy so very much.

  • Todd was always a cute, likable kid… He grew into a handsome wonderful man. I know he has traveled to a better place, and is watching over those who love him. May he rest in peace until reunited with his friends and loved ones once again.

    • Thank you Lori for your kind words and thoughts.

  • This is just ne of the many pictures of Todd enjoying nature and the hike on the trail. He went snow shoeing many times with his children. I miss you brother. It’s Saturday two weeks to almost the hour of your passing I will remember you daily especially on this day and this moment. I am glad I was with you to say goodbye. I love you.

  • Todd was the most amazing father. Amazing friend and the most amazing man in my life. I am truly blessed to have been married to him. I will forever miss my sweet man. Christine Newby.

    • We love you too Christine. You were his rock too! We are glad you came into his life and our lives. Thank you for the many years my brother was able to love you. You were the best thing that ever happened to him, this I know! Love you Christine!

  • I can’t even begin to tell the many stories I have with this man.. Poppa bear…. His daughter Amanda is my best friend and with her came her father…. There isn’t a memory I have of him that wasn’t a life lesson or something he made sure we new before doing AnYTHINg …. If we wanted to go out to hang with friends we had to do the dishes, if we wanted to stay out late we needed to make sure to come home and be quite when entering because no one else should be woken up due to out antics… Even hitch hiking , haha yes hitch hiking we had to go with a boy wether older brother or friend…camping we only needed to bring a blanket he took care of the rest…. I remember on birthdays the kids were never to ask to not go to school…. Simply just not go hahahaha if u asked of course you have to its school….we went to an Awsome concert one year that Todd bought us one year and he told us…. Your teenagers now and be responsible but have fun…. We had fun and yes we were responsible…I could go on for days about poppa bear.. Even to the last day I saw him I got a great big hug and kiss he told me he loved me and would see him soon……I could not have asked for a better life as a teenager with him around I definitely learned so much from this man and met many people along the way…I will always love and miss you Todd I really will

    • he loved you Kerri and couldn’t have asked for a more sincere friend than you to his daughter Amanda. He adopted you in, so now you have us all!! Love you and thankyou for your kind words.

  • The Newby Family is in our prayers…Todd was an awesome father to all of his children…he will be sorely missed…

  • I am very sorry for your loss. Todd & I went to grade school together. He was a good guy then & obviously even more so throughout his life. I will keep your family in my thoughts & prayers.
    Tom Gilton

    • Thank you Tom for your memory and your kind thoughts of Todd.

  • We’ll miss you Todd, we know you’re celebrating Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.

  • We adopted you as a son, and always looked up to you. You were a blessing to so many, and earth lost an angel.

    • I love you guys.

  • RIP Todd you will be greatly missed ..great man fly high my friend ♡

  • R.I.P Todd u r dearly missed by so many! Fly high! Until we see u again <3

  • You are now look down on all of have a better eye on whacting over all of us now .u are going to be miss alot but i will never forget you.R.I.P.with kim love u both.

  • we will always miss u but u will never be gotton. u are in our heart my good friend.

  • I love you dad to the top once again love you old man

  • I love you cousin. Until we meet again, I will hold you in my heart! See ya later

  • Such an amazing dad & friend. You will be dearly missed.

  • I love you, Dad. Until September… <3

  • Warmth and comfort for your family. Todd was a wonderful father to all of his children, step and bio, and many more children were touched by this man, And what more fitting a place for his final resting place. He loved that old mountain, and climbed it many times during his time here on earth, I am glad his final climb will be with all of you! God bless and peace upon you all.

    This children are but a few. Love you Todder RIP!

  • We will be there he was an amazing person!!!!

  • A big empty space in my heart. Can’t wait to climb that Mountain!

  • To our entire family, please be comforted and remember Todd with a smile.
    Sleep in heavenly peace, my darling son. I’ll carry you in my heart until we meet again.

  • My prayers go out to the family

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