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John David Cheever

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On Sunday, June 1st please gather outside at 1:30 rain or shine for a two o’clock celebration of John’s life:

The Children’s Farm at The Center
12700 Southwest Highway Palos Park, Illinois 60464

When you arrive at the Children’s Farm (which is on the East side of Southwest Highway) you can walk to the gathering under the “pine trees” or a ride will be provided in wagon/hayrack.

If you would like to speak publicly about John you will be given the opportunity, and I would love that.

John LOVED to wear flip-flops. So in honor of John, please wear your flip flops on Sunday if the weather permits. Afterwards we will gather to enjoy some of John’s favorite foods, drinks and continue to celebrate. I can’t wait to see all of you and hear your stories about John.

 Please send me an email if you might attend. We would love to see you there.


johndavidcheever1John David Cheever, age 50, passed away at his home after a brave three year battle with primary brain cancer.

John was a Director at SRAM Corporation for 25 years. He held many titles there and had an incredible, unique career with his SRAM Family.  He is either directly responsible for or has contributed significantly to a long list of SRAM patents.

John loved to fish, boat, ride vintage motorcycles, work in his machine shop, play guitar, and watch the sunsets disappear.

John is preceded in death by Dorothy (Blume) Cheever, Fred Cheever, Roman Sendera, Mary Jinkinson, and his beloved dog Winston. He is survived by his wife Janice (Sendera) Cheever, parents Thomas and Carol Cheever, and his siblings Thomas, Caryn, and Carey (Udziela) Cheever.

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Dr. Jeffery J. Raizer, Dr. James P. Chandler, Dr. MaryAnne H. Marymont, and all the faculty and staff at the Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute for the care they had given John.

I will also be forever grateful to the Cancer Support Center for the help they have given John and I throughout this journey.

A celebration of John’s life will be held in Illinois sometime in the Spring. I will provide more details, including the date and location through this webpage. When this information becomes available, an e-mail will be sent out.


42 Condolences

  • What a grand send off for John!! It was truly a perfect day!! I was touched by the number of people who attended…it just shows how LOVED John was!! I know I am a better person for having him in my life!! Thank you, Janice, for sharing this day with us!!

  • When I think of John it is never without music. We sang together in choirs and musicals. We listened to him play his guitar. I loved his smile. I am so glad his amazing lifepartner and wife gave him so many memories to take with him. Even though I reconnected with him later in our lives, I am not surprised at his intelligence. Many of us are better for knowing and remembering him.

  • Dear Janice,

    Nancy and I want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We remember the wonderful hospitality that you and John shared for Carol & Tom’s 50th anniversary and for the gathering of the Eliminators at your lovely home a few years ago. Thank you for the opportunity to share a thought with you in this tribute book. God Bless you and the Cheever family.

  • loved by many and gone to soon, missed dearly but in so many hearts forever.

  • Janice, as we know too well, joy and sorrow can walk hand in hand. I know there will be joyful elements in this sacred service. The flip-flops is just one of them. Sending you strength, support, and love, now and always.

  • Life chose to have my paths cross with John and Janice, most likely at a garage somewhere, and I found them to be the most unique couple, and each wonderfully kind and talented people in their own right.

    When I heard of Johns passing, I could not help but think that there are so many MORE deserving characters out there (deserving to have that long dirt nap) & I found myself dumbfounded as to Johns bad luck to catch the cancer bug.

    I will miss you John, god speed.


  • John taught us to remain positive despite our challenges and Janice has shown us the gift of love in huge measure. I’m thankful to know you both!

  • Janice,
    There are so many kind words in all these messages. They are truly a tribute to what a wonderful man you chose to spend your life with and what an effect he had on so many. I hope that they bring you some comfort. I pray that John has found peace and that you will thrive in your memories of your togetherness until you meet again.
    Sending prayers and hugs! Amy

  • Oh my, I am so sad to find out this news. Johnny was like my cousin, and even though we didn’t keep in contact (my fault) I still considered him one of my life long friends.
    Some of my absolute best childhood memories happened with Johnny. One time we tried to see if we could get all the escalators stopped in the mall at the same time by sticking candy to the hand rail. And there’s plenty more mischievous stories we did together.
    Our birthdays being just days apart, we grew up together but only seeing each other a couple times a year. I still remember Uncle Tom hooking us up by phone, and Johnny telling me he won ANOTHER new bicycle in a Frisbee contest.
    I have to stop now, too many tears.
    I will miss you Johnny,
    Your friend & cousin

  • We were very sorry to hear about John’s passing and all the suffering these last years. We will always have our memories of you both. And all the late night study sessions back in college. Our hearts go out to Janice, his parents, family and all who knew John. He was (and is) truly a nice guy.

  • John, you prove the old adage that ‘only the good die young’.
    Other than that, I am (for once) speechless.
    I’m getting teary-eyed just thinking about you and Janice, and Winston.

  • From our Cocoa Beach Neighbor

  • My memories of John are all very good. I remember the first time I saw John working in the garage and his vintage motorcycle. I love old things that are brought back to life and John always had the sprit to do that. I remember John’s generosity in inviting all over your condo for a party and John bringing out the guitar and singing. All the great times with John helping around the condo was great. Mostly, I remember John for his love of the river and the never ending sunsets we enjoy, you see we have that in common. John we will miss you and when I look out to the river I will think of you. You will be missed.

  • Janice
    I have thought much of John’s struggle the past 3 years, but have always tried to deflect the sorrow and pain by thinking of the better times. I was fortunate to share a number of theses with John, you and your families. Thank you for including me.
    John lived life to a higher degree than most people and loved life and family more than most. It was easy to tell that he enjoyed the people and things he surrounded himself with, from absorbing nature to working in his shop to interesting conversation with friends. John, I will indeed miss you, but I know we will again ride together in a much sweeter place, faster bikes and again with all our loved ones with us.
    GODSPEED my friend until we meet again.

  • I’m very sorry for your loss Janice. John had an impact on more peoples lives than anyone will ever know, he certainly inspired me. He was a very special person!
    Chris Wickliffe- founder WickWerks

  • Janice

    My heart aches that you know longer have your John to hold. I will sing a song of praise. He is now in a place with no more weeping, hurt or pain for the Lord is holding him now Love and tight hugs Lisa

  • Janice,
    Truly a great loss for so many. Both Kenn and I have great memories over the years of our friendship. We are so glad that we were able to visit recently. John’s memory will live on in so many hearts and we will always remember his great smile. He is now at peace. Love & hugs to you!

  • Janice,

    I did not know your husband John but if your spirit and warm personality are any indication of the kind of person he was, then I would have been happy to have known him. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers…

    Kila Bell-Bey

  • I am truly sorry for the deep loss in your heart that goes out to a great husband and best friend. Our family keeps you Janice, Family and friends in our prayers. John will always be remembered.

  • Hi Mrs. Cheever
    I’m truly sorry about your husband. Just know God will comfort you in your time of need. Take things One Day At A Time. Remember John will always be with you some how. May God bless and keep you.

  • Janice,
    I remember when we first meet as neighbors, Danoush and I were were so happy to have such cool city neighbors that gave life to our neighborhood. I am so happy to have know john and look up to him for all of his accomplishments and is humbleness. I am sad that he is no longer here on earth. But I know in my heart he’s happy in heaven.

  • John will never be forgotten by anyone who knew him. Sandy tells everyone he knows about John’s brilliance and the many inventions he created and patents he had. I remember John fishing from our pier, taking his boat out in order to fish or perhaps go to lunch, sitting around the pool while playing his guitar or simply watching a gorgeous sunset with his neighbors. And always there with a helping hand. Why do the good die young? He was a very special soul who knew how to live life to the fullest. He will be sorely missed by everyone but most especially by his Jannie. We send our thoughts and prayers and love to you, Janice, every day.

  • A wonderful book for a wonderful man. Hugs to you Janice!

  • Mrs. Cheever, I am so sorry to hear about your husband. My prayers are with you and your family.

  • Janice, what a lovely tribute to John. I know he and Winston are so happy to be reunited. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • The world has lost a truly special man. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  • In knowing that life is a fleeting moment in time, ironically it is hard to articulate the large swath of life and passion that John left us all. Brilliance, passion, talent, generosity, and above all, sincere friendship to all that were blessed to share that with him. He will be sorely missed here on Earth, but we find comfort in knowing that he remains in our hearts and minds, and forever in our journey. God Bless you Janice, and know that you have a multitude of friends and family to comfort and share in the pain in this dark time and to celebrate life and the memories of John Cheever! We love you.
    Donna and Loren

  • my heart is breaking for you Janice – I know your John and your Winston are having a wonderful time together, watching over you xoxo

  • Dear Mr. Cheever,
    Although you are no longer enjoying ice cream in Lake Geneva or smiling for the camera on Facebook. I know you are now an angel and will be able to read this. I wanted to let you know that I think your one of the smartest men I have ever met. I still always talk about you to everyone and how exciting it was to have you help me on my school project. Your office was so cool.

    I didn’t win the Invention Convention but I know my invention was better than the winner who made the mop shoes and that’s all that counts.

    I will still say a prayer for you every night , like I have been for a long time. Now that you are and angel, please check on me once in a while.

    Love ,
    Maria Kyriakopoulos

  • Janice, I am thinking of you. I hope you are celebrating John with all the beautiful memories you have made. Sending Love.

  • I remember chatting with John many times at the good old ” crooked arrow ” coffee shop in Palos….it seems like yesterday. Yet it was 20 years or so ….time has flown by. John passing has made me realize how little a time we are given here on earth and how we should really try and not sweat the small things in life…take time to breathe it all in.
    Thank you John for your inspiration !❤️

  • JC will live on in my memory forever and a day. He repeatedly showed me the way in life, in how to balance and achieve, how to love and be present for his friends and lived ones, how to wring every last drop out of life. Yes, John knew how to live, and I continue to look up to him!

  • I will never forget John grabbing his guitar and singing; even though he was in pain he managed to put a smile on our faces. R.I.P.

  • Our deepest sympathies and hugs sent your way.

  • A dear friend is lost, Thoughts and prayers for the family

  • Sending love and blessings, you both are a genuine example of true love. Janice, wrapping you in a loving embrace. John, I know you are rejoicing with so many of our loved ones in a place we can only imagine.

  • Really sorry that this happened Janice. The only silver lining I can see from this, is that if John and I hadn’t got sick – we all wouldn’t have met.

    I’ve loved how you’ve lived life to the full, and I’m sure John is toasting you from the big Martini bar in the sky.

  • John will be missed by each member of our family. We all have such fond memories. Fly fishing from the pier, the red wagon, dodging ice chunks while fishing in January, booze cruises, bananagrams, the paddle boat, bike riding off a ramp into the lake, fat tire, cubs, bulls, drinks, guitar playing, three hour dance party on a boat ride across the lake, supper clubs, “spoiler alert”, and hearing him say, “I’m in man” whenever anyone came up with an idea.

  • What a beautiful tribute book!
    John was loved by so many…I love all the pictures and the stories!
    Love & Miss You, John!!

  • I consider myself lucky to have been your friend, colleague, and riding buddy.
    I miss you already.

  • A 19-year member of the Reservoir Dogz Softball Club, May 6, 1988 – September 29, 2007… Johnny went under the AKA Nice Guy Eddie and wore the #10, both of which are now retired… many members of our team over the years enjoyed spending time with both Johnny and Janice on their boat, tooling up and down the Chicago River… at their beautiful home in Wicker Park for team parties, poker games and as a meeting place before checking out local bands… and in more South Loop watering holes than can be remembered… for those of us whose time on the team overlapped John’s, we’ll keep our memories of his weekly approach to the diamonds on a different bike every week, both traditional and motorized… always with a bag of beer in his basket. Godspeed Nice Guy Eddie, you’re already sorely missed.

  • A beautiful tribute, a beautiful life cut way too short. All our love to you Janice and family. xoxox

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